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In a recent article on the insider website at it was revealed in a kind of study that more than 60% of companies feel the marketing ‘stack” is too complex.  I must say I agree.  I always figured most companies had multiple channels they needed to manage to get their leads into their pipeline but in this article they said:

More than 60% of B2B marketers say their Marketing Technology stack is too complex, with one in five saying it’s “more complex than a black hole,” according to a new survey.

Across the board, 93% say replacing, updating or consolidating tools in their current MarTech stack would make it function more efficiently.

The top problems they want to solve are:

  • 35% – Data isn’t normalized across systems.
  • 33% – Tools don’t talk to each other, so everything is manual.
  • 33% – We have features we don’t need or don’t utilize.
  • 29% – We have technology we don’t need or don’t utilize.
  • 26% – Data is old/outdated.
  • 24% – I’m missing key parts of my tech stack.

See the entire article here: