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The definition of growth hacking according to Wikipedia is as follow:

Growth hacking is a subfield of marketing focused on the rapid growth of a company. It is referred to as both a process and a set of cross-disciplinary (digital) skills. The goal is to regularly conduct experiments, which can include A/B testing, that will lead to improving the customer journey, and replicate and scale the ideas that work and modify or abandon the ones that don’t before investing a lot of resources. It started in relation to early-stage startups that need rapid growth within short time on tight budgets, and also reached bigger corporate companies.

One of the best recent articles regarding Growth Hacks comes compliments of self proclaimed Growth Hack Neil Patel.  See this

Growth Hacking is at the core of what we do at rēhavaPress.

Steve D. deGuzman

Steve D. deGuzman

A Real Estate and Financial Accounting graduate from Georgia State University’s J. Mack Robinson College of Business, with a proven track record of success in all aspects of business management, including accounting, operations, sales, marketing, recruiting, training, budgeting, and project management.