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By Gabriel Thomas

Did you know you can buy Google business reviews? Your first thought may be, oh no, another scam. Actually the opposite is true. The feedback is actually legitimate and helps boost your credibility.

Here are some of the basic facts for you to take into consideration about how it works.

Contacting Excising Customers

Dig into your client database and create a list of contacts. You might wonder, what data base? The answer is your businesses past sales are a critical component for future sales. This is of vital importance to understand, this is not a type of cold calling where you are reaching out to consumers who have never heard of or ordered your product or service.


1. You already have all of the information (emails and cell phone telephone numbers), as this is standard information collected upon ordering any product or service.

2. Don’t fret over the idea of being intrusive with this information, you are not selling it, you are merely using it as a means to follow up on your customer service performance.

How to Send Out Feedback Questionnaires

Perhaps, you want to individually send out each one personally or you can choose to deliver your request for reviews in a bulk form format. Either way is perfectly acceptable. It simply depends on how much time you have allocated in your schedule to send them out.

Another choice you have is how you would like your clients to receive your business reviews requests. Thanks to today’s modern technology, you can either go the route of an email or a text message. Or you could send out an email and a text message which gives more flexibility options for a way for each person to respond.


  1. Send each request separately or use the simplicity of a bulk action.
  2. Deliver via an email, text message or both.

Filtering the Good from the Bad

You might worry about what type of feedback will start to roll in because you will begin to receive immediate responses. This is the beauty of the whole concept. Your Google business reviews will automatically be filtered. The positive go online immediately and the constructive criticism remarks get sent to you and/or your business, so you can respond in an appropriate, productive manner.

  • Positive Feedback Gets Instantly Posted Online
  • Negative Feedback Get Addressed offline

When you Buy Google Business Reviews it is a Win-Win Scenario

As you can see, it is a double bonus. You will now have a base of loyal customers supporting your company for future, prospective buyers to feel more comfortable trusting you. Your increased reputation allows you to stand out as a professional, creditably entity.

On the other hand, when you receive less than positive review feedback, you have the fortunate opportunity to smooth over any of your previous customers concerns and grievances. The possibility of correcting unfortunate misunderstanding and turning it around for a future sale is an extraordinary gem of good fortune.

  • Do Not Pass Up the Chance to Reach Out and Follow Up with all of your Clients
  • Do Not Ignore Disgruntled Comments, Simply Deal with Concerns Privately

Go ahead and take advantage of what so many other successful innovators have been doing for years and begin using the automatic Get More Reviews App. Now, that we are in the digital age, it has become easier to reach out. The only major drawback is the ability to have that personal one-on-one connection between sellers and buyers of goods and services. When you access the ability to follow up with a thank you, along with a few questions about their experience, you have now created a substantial, continuous relationship when you buy Google business reviews.

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